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Elusive Autumn

Crisp mornings have begun once more,
A placid breeze whispers against my ears as I saunter the empty streets,
a stream of leaves brush against my feet as they fall from the nearest trees.

The woods are no longer verdurous,
but are now filled with an array of effulgent colors that not even the sweet summer nights could truly bring.

Each day is followed by the luminous and far cooler nights,
the moon gleaming in all its glory as the trees emanate its wondrous gentle song night, after night, and after night.
And those walking with their lovers can trace the scent of the smoke permeating the air from the distant lit fires.

It is within these nights the many tales and stories of legends and spirits of All Hallow’s Eve are retold as the celebrated day inches closer.

Behold, this world of the mysterious autumn,
my old friend who no longer remains elusive.

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